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What is this website?

Download translations to premium WordPress themes and premium WordPress plugins on this website.

The community of users translates the themes and plugins and we make available the most downloaded .PO/.MO files here.

How to use this website?

  1. Upload or YOUR-PO-OR-POT-FILE.PO*.
  2. Edit the translations.
  3. Download your updated .PO file and .MO file**.

* — for many themes and plugins we already have the necessary *.POT files and we'll display the translations for you even if you won't upload your *.ZIP, *.POT or *.PO file but the table may not be up-to-date so we recommend that you upload the *.ZIP, *.POT or *.PO file of the version of the theme or plugin that you're using.

** — this application is a replacement for POEdit (you don't have to ever install or open POEdit). Our generated .PO and .MO files are compatible with all popular translation plugins (like WPML) and can be edited in other PO/MO editors like POEdit.

Privacy policy

We don't store uploaded files. We extract gettext phrases from them and we store the moving average of uploaded phrases.

This is a community translation website. We store the average of user translations.

This website is maintained by multiple users including IKONIZE.

Current version on the website

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